Immediate Action after a Trucking Accident : What to do

Immediate Action after a Trucking Accident

When a 40-ton semi truck is involved in an accident with a passenger vehicle, physics has already determined who will lose. The steps taken right after tractor trailer accidents are based on safety and common sense:

Remove yourself and others from danger. This takes precedence over anything else. Busy highways are dangerous places. You do not want to be the victim of a secondary accident. If possible, get off the road and away from any vehicles that may catch on fire or any cargo that has been spilled from an overturned 18 wheeler.
Do not leave the scene of the accident.commercial truck accident lawyers Texas

Call 911

You might need emergency medical service for you or a passenger. Even if you do not think you are injured, you must still call to report the accident. If you cannot find your cell phone, ask to use someone else’s. Do not assume others have called. You may have information that will help the dispatcher send the appropriate equipment to the scene.

Take pictures if possible. The advent of cell phones that can also take pictures has changed the way accidents are documented. Even the police now regularly take pictures of an accident scene. Photographic documentation preserves information that will be lost after vehicles are moved by police personnel or tow truck operators.

Obey any directions from police and medical personnelYou will be interviewed by both the police and medical personnel. Be clear and report anything that happened, even if it seems minor, to the first responders. It may be important later and you should mention any loss of consciousness, abrasions from air bags, any vision problems, bruising or cuts… in short, anything physical damage you suffered, even if you do not wish emergency treatment.truck accident lawyers

Contact your Attorney

After your medical needs have been met, the next priority is to protect your legal rights. Making the wrong statements to the police, the truck driver, or others at the scene can affect your chances to obtain a full and fair settlement. The trucking company or their insurance carrier may send a representative to the accident. If the big rig has flipped or jackknifed, it can take an hour or more to clean up and this is valuable time that might be lost if you delay.

Notify your Insurance Company

In most states, you will be required to share insurance information with any other drivers. Do not attempt to get documents from your vehicle until it is safe to do so! This is usually after the police have arrived to control other traffic. When talking to your insurance company keep your statements brief and to the point. You are reporting an accident – you do not have to give all the details at this time.

Obtain information from other parties

You should note all the information you can about the truck, the trucking company (many are leased and owned by someone other than the driver), the markings and plate on both the trailer and the tractor (the front ‘truck’ part of a semi truck), and whatever information you can get from the driver, such as insurance and contact information for his company.
You should also try to get the names and phone numbers of any witnesses. Too often, witnesses leave after talking to the police, who may or may not get the information you need to contact them later.

Other steps

Your attorney will walk you through other things you should do after a trucking accident, and these will probably include seeing a doctor as soon as possible for an examination. It might include getting pictures of injuries you or others received.

Your lawyer will get a police report and contact witnesses. They will ask you to write out what happened as you remember it shortly after the accident. A good accident attorney knows that memories fade and having a written record may be critical later on.

Our Law Firm handles commercial truck accidents and can help you with your case. Although the initial steps above are very important, they only represent immediate action, there is much more to be done.

If you have been in a trucking accident, you may contact us for a free case evaluation.

Car accidents cause all sorts of inconveniences

Car accidents cause all sorts of inconveniences

Car accidents cause all sorts of inconveniences, from missed work to car damage. While these inconveniences are unfortunate, they don’t compare to being injured in an accident. If you’ve sustained personal injuries in a car accident, especially at the fault of another person, the pain can be debilitating and accident lawyers

In order to get compensation for your injury losses and medical expenses, consider this legal advice for going through the insurance claims process from the personal injury lawyers at our Law Firm.

How to File a Claim

In order to receive compensation for your personal car accident injury, you must file a claim with the insurance company of the at-fault party. If you are at fault, or there is no one at fault, you should file a first-party claim with your insurance company. For accidents where another person is at fault, you should file a third-party claim with their insurance company.

Once you’ve determined which insurance company to file with, call them and ask to file a claim for an accident involving a personal injury. Generally, in order to start a claim, the insurance company must be contacted within 24 hours of the accident. If you haven’t finished receiving medical care, it’s still a good idea to file a claim early and get the process started.

The Insurance Claims Process

Once a claim has been filed, an insurance adjuster, the insurance employee responsible for handling your claim, will investigate your claim. They’ll ask detailed questions about the accident, the damage each vehicle sustained, any injuries suffered, and any other information that might help them handle your claim, such as photos or witnesses.

The insurance provider may require that you be examined by an independent medical doctor, generally chosen by the insurance company, in order to get a medical record of the injuries accident lawyers

Once the adjuster has investigated all aspects of the claim, they will either deny compensation or offer a settlement. The settlement will be for all charges they believe you should be compensated for.

As a general rule, you should not accept the first settlement offer that you receive. They might not have calculated in costs or losses such as lost wages, missed work or travel expenses to medical appointments. The best way to be sure you’re receiving a just settlement is to talk to a personal injury lawyer.

How to Build a Strong Personal Injury Insurance Claim

In order to make sure you receive a just settlement for your personal injury claim, make sure and follow these few tips and tricks from Rumph Childers, LLC in Macon.

Take lots of pictures. Take pictures of both the vehicles, the accident scene, and the location if possible. Take several different angled shots of the damage to your vehicle, close up and further away. Also, take pictures of your injuries the day of the accident and on subsequent days.
Keep receipts and bills. In order to accurately file how much compensatory damages were incurred by the accident, keep every receipt from medical visits, travel receipts to and from medical appointments, medical bills, emergency services bills, prescription receipts, co-pay receipts and anything else that might require compensation.
Proof of financial losses. This can include lost wages (missed work, etc.), lost capacity for work (permanent job loss) or other financial opportunities lost.
Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer. As you file a claim and seek a just settlement, it can be difficult to know if you’re receiving compensation equal to the costs. A personal injury lawyer, like the experts at Rumph Childers, LLC in Macon, Ga, can guide you through the red tape of insurance claims and help find you justice for your injuries.
Contact Personal Injury Attorney
If you’ve filed a personal injury claim with an insurance company, contact us, for legal advice. To set up a free consultation, contact our office or online.